Black Pearl Maritime Sit Reps

Black Pearl provide security services for commercial and private vessels and were looking to make improvements to how their crew log situation reports whilst on-board.

When considering ways of streamlining their process for recording and managing situation reports when at sea, OSX were referred in by a mutual contact to propose a solution. With two important requirements, that it be accessible on portable devices, and handle an intermittent connection to the internet.

Notable Features
Offline Support
Although web based, the sit rep interface is built to also function when no internet connection is available, storing reports on the user's device and synchronising with the main database when connectivity has been re-established.
Reporting Tools
A number of reports are available for display or export, included in the list are a number of interactive maps that plot data such as the last known and previous positions of the vessels under the watch of their security personnel. The Google Maps API was employed to implement the mapping functionality.
Data Management
A number of tools are made available to Black Pearl allowing them to manage numerous sets of data that are relevant to their transits.
Access Control
Depending on the type of user account, access is granted to differing sets of functionality.
The user interface adjusts itself to best fit the device that it is viewed on, making it user friendly on mobile devices such as the smart phones, tablets and laptops used by the Black Pearl operatives.

Initially delivered as a fully functional proof of concept, the system is currently in use out at sea, with a review process due in the near future. Subsequently, further development will take place to further enhance the platform and open up additional applications of the technology within the business.

Sit rep interface