Car Design Research New website

Car Design Research is a design strategy consultancy that specialises in automotive design, referred to OSX when looking for a partner to help re-build their website.

Having been referred to us by one of our existing clients, Car Design Research came to the table with a new site design that they had been developing in-house and a bunch of ideas for features they'd like to see incorporated. Page designs were then developed further with OSX's knowledge of the web and the numerous considerations for how people will be viewing the new website.

Notable Features
Bespoke design developed in-house by Car Design Research in cooperation with OSX.
Pages rearrange themselves to best suit the device they're viewed on, ensuring the site looks great on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.
Content Management
Pages can be managed in-house by Car Design Research using OSX's custom content management system.
i18n / L10n
Internationalisation and localisation functionality to support both managing and serving pages in both English and Chinese.
Article Publishing
Ability to manage articles with automated archiving, tagging and on-site search engine.
Custom system for the management, sale and delivery of digital reports.

As a designer, finding a developer that can speak your language and execute your vision clearly can be a frustrating experience—but not with OSX. During the entire process of design and development for the Car Design Research website, they were always there for quick consultation and to not only understand what I wanted to do, but also to find a solution that would work for us both and not blow out the budget.

Andy's exceptional project management skills are matched by Kris's concise problem-solving ability, and the team helped us achieve an even higher level of fit, finish, and function than we ever hoped for. They also both have incredible attention to detail, so my nitpicking eye rarely found mistakes, and often found hidden gems of cleverness instead. Combine this with a very easy-to-use CMS, a personal lesson from Andy for the whole team, and ongoing support and development (free updates to the CMS, who does that?), and we literally couldn't be happier with our choice.

In the end, the site was launched on time and on budget, and I discovered that developing a site from scratch doesn't have to be a painful experience. If you're looking to find that mystical unicorn called frustration-free website development, I can't possibly recommend OSX enough.

Drew Meehan
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