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DuPont had a suite of conventional applications that they wanted to replace with online versions, allowing them to update and support more efficiently.

Used by the sales teams and distributors, the applications execute complex scientific calculations whose output demonstrates potential cost savings based on the selected DuPont product and the customer's usage variables.

Moving these tools online reduces the time between implementing new features and getting them in-front of the users; improves compatibility with users' devices; ensures users are using the latest version; new users can gain access to the tools much quicker; usage metrics can be collected and analysed.

Notable Features
Offline Support
Although web based, the tools are built to also function when no internet connection is available.
i18n / L10n
Internationalisation and localisation features allowing the tool-set to be presented in multiple languages and use different units of measurement and currency.
Data Management
A number of tools are made available to DuPont allowing them to manage numerous sets of data in-house.
Access Control
Depending on the type of user account, access is granted to differing sets of functionality.
User Metrics
Usage data is collected from users where allowed, enabling DuPont to analyse how the tools are used and to help inform future changes.
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