Groundwork Green Space Mapper

Groundwork are a charity who work with communities across the UK on environmental projects. They approached OSX to develop a consultation tool to help improve local green spaces.

Having worked with OSX on a number of projects in the past, Groundwork came to us with some ideas regarding a mobile consultation tool. The primary target device being a tablet with 3G connectivity, and the requirements including a customisable questionnaire system that integrates with interactive mapping features.

Notable Features
Mapping & Geolocation
Integrating a number of APIs such as Google Maps, ArcGIS and geolocation allows the user to pinpoint exactly where they're standing when starting the questionnaire process, adding precise location data to the users' input enabling Groundwork to best understand their point of view.
Questionnaire Design
An interface where Groundwork can create and manage the questions and configurations that make up a questionnaire tailored to a specific consultation.
Data Exporter
Information collected during a consultation can be exported from the system and be imported into existing tools for further analysis.
Mobile Targeted
The questionnaire interface adjusts itself to best fit the user's device, as well as employing larger inputs and controls making it user friendly on mobile devices such as tablets where navigation is handled via touch rather than a mouse.

Additionally, OSX also built the public facing website for the Green Space Mapper project. Mainly used as an outlet for promoting the consultation tool for use in other areas, it also advertises convenient access to any currently active consultations. Although primarily targeted at mobile, on-site participation, the questionnaires can also be completed by members of the community from their home computer.

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