ICAB Claimware

ICAB arrange alternative accommodation for clients who have been forced out of their homes, OSX worked with them to develop an intranet application to manage their data.

OSX have been working with the Insurance Claims Accommodation Bureau for over 7 years so far, over which we have developed two major versions of their internal client management application, amongst numerous incremental improvements carried out in-line with changes made to their business processes.

Notable Features
Staff & Teams
Management tools for setting up staff on the system with the ability to assign them to specific teams. Depending on the assigned team, users will have access to slightly different information to better serve their role.
Notes & Assignment
Staff can make general notes on claims and assign them to colleagues who are then notified that something needs their attention.
Staff can send e-mails, SMS messages and faxes from within the application, using configurable templates to reduce time spent on common types of communication.
Access Control
Depending on the type of user account, access is granted to differing sets of functionality.
Audit Trail
All actions are recorded in an audit trail and can be reviewed at any time to review the timeline of events on a claim.
A number of reports are made available to users covering differing types of management information.

We used OSX top help us build a bespoke database which we call Claimware. Over the years we have revised and updated it. At all times Andy and Kris have been extremely helpful and now I don’t think my company could run without Claimware.

Other companies who have had access to our records on Claimware have remarked how wonderfully simple it is to use and admired how efficient we have become because of it. OSX have always produced the goods!

Gary Goodman
ICAB Claimware