Staff360 Online Survey Platform

Staff360 provide online surveys targeted at the HR sector. OSX were tasked with developing the technology behind their survey platform, as well as building the Staff360 website.

As a new company without any existing technology, Staff360 needed a system built from scratch. OSX were instrumental in both defining and implementing the specification, resulting in a solid base for regular review and improvement of its feature set going forward.

Notable Features
Survey Designer
This tool is used by the Staff360 employees to create and manage the questions and configurations that make up a survey, including options to brand surveys to fit with the client organisation.
Comms. Centre
Interfaces for managing e-mail templates, recipient lists and scheduling to allow e-mail to be automatically sent out to survey participants in different scenarios.
Reporting Suite
A number of reports can be built in order to present survey results for further analysis, each with their own set of configurations and choices of graphs to be included. Functionality is also present to export as PDF files for easier printing and distribution.
Access Control
Depending on the type of user account, access is granted to differing sets of functionality.
Responsive Layout
Pages rearrange themselves to best suit the device they're viewed on, ensuring the system looks great on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

In addition to the survey platform itself, OSX also developed the Staff360 brand and website. The website doesn't actually use our Content Management System to manage its pages, but instead is managed by OSX as part of the regular updates that we make to the rest of the platform.

Staff360 Website