Source for Consulting White Space

Source provide specialist research on the management consulting market to consultants and their clients. OSX helped bring this knowledge online.

Originally existing as an annually published report made up of the analysis of manually compiled and collated thought leadership, Source wanted to make this process more efficient in both its curation and distribution. OSX have since developed a set of tools for making the collection and organisation of source material less time consuming, and an online outlet for Source to present their analysis. Notable Features
An automated tool that periodically crawls a defined list of websites looking for, and collecting, thought leadership articles.
Data Management
A set of tools that allow Source to classify and score the thought leadership that is collected by the scraper.
User Licenses
Source can set-up user accounts for subscribers and apply licenses to them. Once expired, the license holders lose access to the system until renewed.
Data Graphing
Once classified and scored, articles are considered when automatically generating interactive graphs throughout the system.
Search Engine
White Space has an on-site search engine that accepts a variety of inputs to carry out advanced searches on the database of thought leadership.

I have really enjoyed working with you over the years and I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you have put in to make Source's website so great.

Joy Burnford
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